Apr 7

Vision For the Next Generation

Posted by Brother Steve

We are stepping out by faith as a church to do the extraordinary. Our foot is in the water and trusting that God will let us walk on it.

For years our church has been trying to find ways of fitting more people into our building. Space is a precious commodity on Sunday mornings.

On February 23, 2020, we came together and agreed to begin the process of building a facility that would accommodate the riders of our bus ministry. This building would give us the opportunity to grow more as a church and give our bus riders an added advantage of activities and learning.

This facility will have a gymnasium with two levels of Sunday school classrooms, a kitchen and extra rooms for meetings.

The Bible talks about great doors of opportunity and many adversaries. Our adversary right now is the money for the building, which we do not have. However, God has resources that we do not know about. We have faith as we pray that God will miraculously bring in the money that is needed for this project.

We have seen God work mightily on our behalf over the history of our church and see His guiding hand in this opportunity. We have vision to see this building completed in 10 years. We are praying that we can complete this project sooner than that.

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