The Captain

Brother Steve and Mrs. Steve took over the Oskaloosa bus route in September 2001. On average, Brother Steve travels over 120 miles each Saturday to visit everyone on the bus route.

The Workers

There have been many bus workers help them out on the bus route over the years. Kyla Nevins, Becky Hawkins, Anna Hawkins, Max Hawkins, Sharon Engel, Fritz Engel, Patricia Carroll, Leah Brown, Todd McIllville, Phillip Draper, Nicole Chmelar, Tiffany Chmelar, Stephen Swaffer, Rachael Swaffer, Michael Boos and family and Debbie VanVoltenberg. Currently we have Jacob Butler, Maddie Temple, Stevanie and Bethany Dunbar.

The Drivers

Currently we have Ethan ODonnell and Jacob Berg as our bus drivers.

The Meal Preparers

Every week we feed all of our bus riders breakfast and lunch on the bus. There are 6 families that prepare breakfast and lunch meals for our bus route.

The Bus

The Oskaloosa bus route has had 9 different buses over the years. 64, 57, 71, 72, 73, 77, 68, 7, and currently Bus Number 8.

The Ministry

One of the high days on the Oskaloosa bus route in the early years when Brother Steve first started was 11 riders. Currently, the Oskaloosa bus route averages about 20 riders a week. One of our highest days on the bus route was 134 riders in 2008 using 3 buses at one time. In 2008, the Oskaloosa bus route brought 2,600 riders to church. (Calculated by adding the attendance each week.)