Devotional Questionaire: Daddy Knows

Enter your name and fill out the questions.

Answer all and receive the following Bus Bucks:

500 Bus Bucks find a verse relating to this devotional
200 Bus Bucks for perfect score
100 Bus Bucks 75% correct
50 Bus Bucks for 50% correct
20 Bus Bucks for 25% correct

*Your First and Last name:

*Question 1:
What would God like for us to do after we get a prayer answered?

Not tell anyone
Tell Him thanks
Go on about our business

*Question 2:
What item was my daughter wanting to get?

Alarm clock

*Question 3:
Do we know God's thoughts on when He answers prayers?

Yes, we know how God thinks
No, His ways are higher than our ways
Yes, we are able to out think Him

*Question 4:
Does God have your best interests in mind?

No, God doesn't care about what I ask Him
Yes, He will reveal it in His time
No, it seems He helps everyone else

Extra Credit!
Find a verse in the Bible relating to this devotional.
(optional for 500 Bus Bucks)
You may not use the one at the top of the devotional page.

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