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    By Brother Steve | March 26, 2012

    2 Peter 1:3 - According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue:

    When I think of tools I immediately think of a hammer. It is the most common tool that comes to my mind. With that piece of hardware you can do so many things. It is used to build and it is also used to destroy or tear down.

    I changed the oil in my van this weekend after bus visiting. Of course, it requires a wrench to loosen the drain plug. If I do not have this tool, it is very difficult to get the job done. I've been in the situation before where I misplaced my wrench. That was very frustrating!

    Yes, even the vacuum cleaner is a tool. I used this as well on my van over the weekend. The girls tend to make a mess from time to time. I guess I do too. Mostly it is my fault ... eating in the van. It is difficult as well to clean the van without the vacuum cleaner.

    All these items mentioned above are simply means of getting a job done quickly and in the right way.

    With the bus route, God has given you an opportunity to make use of some tools in your spiritual life. The bus is a means of getting you to a place where you can grab some useful tools for your life - church.

    There are many different types of tools. They cannot be listed because there are so many. A good carpenter has a variety of tools. Some he may not use very often, some he uses all the time. However, when the time comes when he needs that tool for that one special unique job, he has it in his tool chest.

    There are so many useful things you can pick up while you are at church in your church service or Sunday school class. The teacher and preacher both give you tools that will help direct and shape your life. How foolish some are to come to church, disrupt service and in their own way care less about getting something that will help keep them from heartache, trouble and misery.

    Read your Bible, pray to God in a personal way. Seek Him first in all you do. These things will get you into the spirit of receiving good things from Him.

    The bus route and church gives you the opportunity to make something of your life, it is up to you to choose to make use of the opportunity. All the tools are there on the shelf at church AND in your own Bible reading for anyone to put into their tool belt. It is your choice to grab the tools you need to help build your life! Will you be a builder?

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