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  • The Stake

    By Brother Steve | February 20, 2012

    Ephesians 2:21 - In whom all the building fitly framed together groweth unto an holy temple in the Lord:

    I talked recently with an elderly gentleman. He told me some advice he gave to his daughter. The truth in his words caught my attention.

    He showed me a picture of his daughter in the middle of a garden. His daughter was only about twelve years old at the time. He gave her the job of planting some of the garden, corn, beans, tomatoes, etc. In the picture, in the background, the gentleman pointed out the stakes used for the tomatoes.

    He said, "See those stakes?"

    I replied, "Yes."

    He continued, "I told my daughter that those tomato plants need those stakes in order to grow straight and tall. It is just like your life." He went on to tell how a life needs good things in order to grow straight and tall.

    This truth I will elaborate on. Without Christ, church, the Bible, your life will just grow however this world dictates. Your branches will travel along the ground never seeking anything better, never reaching a higher potential. However, if you secure yourself to Christ and the things of the Bible, your branches will be given a new direction, up! You will be growing in an upward direction, one that is blessed. Your branches will no longer be touching the ground where your fruit may rot and become diseased with the stagnant water of the world.

    When winds blow strong in your garden of life, you can weather the storm better because you are secured to the stake, to Christ. You've seen plants in the summer time that have not been secured - how they are toppled over and flattened by powerful thunderstorms. If you are secured to the stake you will be okay.

    Attach yourself to Christ, church and the Bible. Never forsake it. Secure your life to these things to grow and bear good fruit. Don't be toppled over by the winds this world blows through.

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