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  • Splinters

    By Brother Steve | May 1, 2012

    Galatians 5:9 - A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.

    Tiffany, recently experienced getting a splinter in the palm of her hand. We've all had our share of splinters. If the splinter is not removed it tends to get irritated and eventually will become infected. It will begin to hurt more. The only way to get comfort is to pull it out.

    It's amazing that such a small object can cause so much grief!

    We can try to ignore it, but it is still there. It still needs removed. It is a small irritation and it is hard to imagine the irritation away. It is a grievous annoyance.

    Well, Tiffany did not like the idea of having Dad and Mom pull the splinter out. It was already a little red around the area of the splinter and so it was uncomfortable. Tiffany could not realize that removing the splinter was for her own good. All she could feel was the discomfort.

    So it is with sinful things that get stuck in our lives. We may have taken up some bad habit, some thing that might cause grief in our heart and we may not know it. We maybe do not understand that these influences can hurt us. Tiffany did not really know the reason why we were messing with the area on her hand that hurt. Why was Dad and Mom causing her discomfort? To get out the bad thing so her hand could heal.

    God sometimes needs to come and pull out some splinters in our lives. Maybe it is worldly influences that grate against walking with the Lord. Maybe it is a wrong attitude. You will experience more pain in your life by ignoring the fact that they are there. God may be talking to you about getting rid of them. It may feel that God is hurting you because you refuse to give in to Him. Let Him do His work in your life to remove these things and your life can heal and you will be able to walk with Him again.

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