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  • Keep It Clean

    By Brother Steve | March 4, 2012

    1 John 1:9 - If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

    One of the job descriptions I have at the newspaper is to clean some our equipment. One of those pieces of equipment is the film processor. Think of it as a giant film developer.

    There are three tanks that hold three different liquids. The first is the developer which, as you guessed it, develops the film. The second is called "fixer." It is a solution that stops the film from developing. The final tank is just plain water which cleans the film before it is dried and it is called the wash tank.

    Well, the wash tank is the dirtiest tank to clean. I would much rather clean the other two tanks because they do not get as dirty as the wash tank.

    As the wash tank sits, algae begins to grow inside the tank. It is very dirty, slimy and grimy. (See the top photo.) Over a period of time, the tank begins to put out a foul odor. It actually smells like a sewer. Nasty! It is hard to hide the odor. When the machine powers up, the odor begins to travel because the fans on the machine blow it around the room.

    Finally, it comes to a point where it just has to be cleaned. The tank contains a system of rollers. Each roller feeds the film into the solution and into the next tank solution. The rollers are covered with dark brown and grayish slime. (See the side photo.) These rollers have to be cleaned individually. If the rollers do not get cleaned well, it will not be long before they will need cleaned again.

    The wash tank has a plug to empty the tank of the water. It is suggested to empty the tank every day and refill it the next day. This will keep the algae from growing less and the tank will be cleaner. I have a routine of emptying the tank every day now. If it doesn't get emptied every day and refilled, quickly it becomes covered in slime again.

    Our lives are the same way. We tend to have things that are dirty in our lives. We let it go for a while, but it just keeps getting worse. Other people may even notice how bad of a spiritual odor we put out. We try to hide the odor, but for how long?

    It finally takes us to the point of decision. It is time to clean up the trash and grime that has grown in our lives. Clean every part of it. Wash it all out. Get into the Bible and be renewed in the spirit of your mind by the washing of the water by the Word. Come before God and ask God for forgiveness. Ask Him to cleanse you as only He can.

    You need to do pull the plug (so to speak) every day and let the influences of the world and temptation go down the drain. Then, refill your tank by praying and reading the Bible.

    Have a routine of getting with God everyday. If you get out of that routine, it won't be long before you once again have become coated with the grime and slime of the world.

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