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    By Brother Steve | May 7, 2012

    1 Thessalonians 5:17 - Pray without ceasing.

    Stevanie, my oldest daughter, has been begging me for the past few weeks about getting her own alarm clock. She has been very persistent about it. When I would have a free moment, she would bring up her request.

    She was consistent in her asking and even the tone of her voice showed her desire to have one. I did not rush out and buy an alarm clock for her even though I easily could have. However, at the first mention of the alarm clock I was already thinking about a way to get her one. She is my daughter and I like to do things for my kids if I can and if could be beneficial to them and does not go against the Bible.

    I waited for a couple of weeks. I would ask her when she would bring up the subject why she wanted one, wanting to know her reasoning. Her answer was a good one.

    All this time Stevanie was probably thinking that Daddy was not going to get her one because he hasn't said yes and it has been a while since she first asked. Sometimes I did not answer her when she would ask about the clock. Some of you are probably thinking that I was playing some sort of game with her. But that is not the case.

    Finally, before coming home from work I went to the store and bought one. While all my girls were outside playing, I went into their bedroom, plugged the alarm clock in, set the time and left it alone on a dresser. This is where I was playing a game now. I wanted to see the look and joy when they realized something new was there. It took a while for Stevanie to notice. But the enjoyment of seeing the smile on her face was worth the weeks of waiting to get it for her.

    Now, as a parent, the answer to a request is sometimes no. It may be something that would not be beneficial at the moment, but it may fit better later on. So, even though they still ask, I still have to be patient. I may not even tell them the reason why. Maybe it is something that might interfere with the road I have for my children.

    As I thought about the alarm clock I thought about the way God answers prayers. He too as a Daddy wants to give good gifts to His children. God loves to hear you ask Him for things. In fact, He wants you to keep asking and keep asking for the same thing. He wants you to be persistent. He already knows what you want before you ask but He likes to hear you say it anyway.

    I am certain that sometimes God answers prayer and it seems like He just waits to reveal it to you in His own time, just to see the joy it brings.

    There may be times, however, that God chooses not to answer your prayer for reasons that are simply beyond your thinking. We do not know God's thoughts in that realm. God may see something that would fit in at a better time and so the answer is no at this time. But keep asking. Don't worry, God has your best interests in mind!

    Oh, and by the way, you might want to thank God when He answers your prayers ... He likes to hear you say that, like any parent would.

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