• The White Car

    |March 2, 2012

    The "white car" as Marchel and I describe it, has been a good car. I purchased it from my brother who gave me an incredible price. After my purple Dodge Stratus died I needed another vehicle to use for work and the bus route. This little car would do it.

    In spite of its shortcomings ... no radiator fan and it wobbled when coming to a stop, it performed very well.

    Some of you know that while I was out visiting one day for the bus route I was rear-ended by a driver in an SUV, or I rear-ended him, actually both was the case. We both backed out at the same time and met bumper to bumper in the middle of the road. Well, his bumper, my tailgate (my car is built a little lower to the ground).

    Both of us were at fault. His insurance company paid for some and mine paid for some. Imagine getting paid because it was your fault. Seems strange doesn't it? Actually, the money we received from insurance almost paid for what we gave for the car. This was one of those unexpected blessings. Long before we received any money, I remember asking the Lord several times why this happened. I did not say it to question His reasoning at all. I was just curious. I remember also having peace that He knew and that He had something good that would come out of it ... the "all things work together for good..." verse. We received the large sum of money and on top of that I was still able to drive the car, what a blessing! It was an eyesore with a smashed in tailgate, but it still ran good.

    I mentioned there was no radiator. Well, the engine got hot even in the winter time. Salvage yard and splicing of wires does wonders. Oh, and unplugging the blocked radiator hose helps too. With that all fixed the white car was a bus captain's dream car.

    Until it came to one Saturday in the late summer. Ready to visit my last town for the bus route. Headed onto the interstate and for some reason the white car would not change into the next gear. It had happened a few times before. I would pull off the road and shut off the car, start it back up and it would run fine after that. Well, not this time.

    About 45 is all that I thought I should give it. It was whining like it couldn't take anymore. On the verge of shifting, you know how it is. I figured the car has come this far for me. I'll see how far it will go. I made my final visits that day and went home. Mind you, there were many frustrated and I'm sure very angry drivers following me as I made my way back home at 40 - 45 miles per hour. However, one look at the back of the white car and I'm sure they understood, maybe even felt sorry for me.

    We drove the little white car like this for several months. We only used it for short runs, to church and back. One evening, I was driving home in our van. I was coming up on a vehicle quite rapidly and I was going the speed limit. As I got closer I thought to myself, "Must be an elderly person driving because they're going so slow." (you know what I'm talkin' about.) Well, to my shame and embarrassment, I realized it was Marchel and the kids after noticing the familiar dent in the back end of the car.

    The time finally came to give it up. I went to lunch one day and as I came to a stop my foot pressed the brake and the pedal went all the way to the floor. I was going fairly slow at the time. I was able to get back to the parking place safely. I was just a few blocks away from where I work. I couldn't help but think of how God protected me that morning as I was driving in to work at much higher speeds. I guess if it was going to happen, God planned it to work out this way.

    This seemed to be the straw that broke the camel's back. Whatever that means. It was time to get rid of the white car for good.

    I look at it this way, a vehicle is just a means of getting you from one place to another. I use it to visit others and use it for God's glory. It has been my lunch table, office, bus visiting headquarters, bed, man cave, you name it.

    A salvage company came and towed the white car away this week. No brakes, bummed up bumper and only goes into second gear. What a way to go. Adding what the insurance gave in the accident and price the salvage guys paid, we broke even as far as what we paid for the price of the car. Not sure what other car awaits our family in the future. I need to look into another one before too long. But that one, too, we will use for the glory of God.

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