• Up, Down or Chance Game

    |April 15, 2016

    It had been a long time since I first designed the Up or Down Game for the bus route. It had gotten so beat up over the years on the bus that I was ashamed to keep playing it. The game was missing some pieces too.

    I got the idea from a book that taught how to run a children's church or class. Instead of just creating a new one I always had this idea of making it a little better, giving it a new twist.

    For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Up or Down Game, I will try to briefly explain it. There are 12 Up, 12 Down and 12 Point cards on a board. The game is played girls against boys.

    A player chooses a card with points first. This is the amount the player could win for their team. Now the player must choose if their side (B for Boy, G for Girl) will get the correct letter on the back of the card. If a boy chooses Up and gets a B the points go to the boys side. If a boy chooses Up and gets a G the points go to the girls. Nobody knows if the letter is on the card that says Up or Down.

    If a picture of a star is behind one of the cards, this means the points go to the player's team that is choosing on that turn. It is a fun game when most everyone participates and gets very competitive at times.

    To make the game a little more exciting, I added a chance section to the board on the new one. So now it is called Up, Down or Chance. The chance cards give extra points to player that is choosing. It is optional to take the chance card ... it can be played like normal. However, it does give an advantage to gain many more points, that is, if the player correctly chooses the card for their team. If the player chooses incorrectly the points go to the other team. It is a big decision once the extra points are known. The chance cards vary from 2 times, 3 times, 5 times the amount of the points.

    Another twist I am working on is some of the chance cards being cards that will take away points. This will really get things going more competitively.

    The new game took about three days to design and build and cost around $75 for all the materials.

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