• Notes From Daddy

    |November 8, 2012

    My daughters like to write notes. I would venture to say that there is not one room in the house where there is not a note of some sort. The notes range from sticky notes to full size paper notes folded several times. Some notes have stickers while others have drawings. I like their notes, especially the ones that say, I love you, Daddy!

    Recently, I started something that I hope will become a help to my children. Having all girls in the family takes a little different approach as far as rearing them as opposed to rearing boys. That's just my opinion. So in keeping with that thought, I bought all of my girls a journal. No, it is not for them to use to write notes. It is for me to write notes to them.

    Each girl has her own color of journal. The journals are nice and durable. I wanted the books to be something that they will have as a keepsake. What goes in the journals? As often as I can I try to write a note to each girl. Several times a week is my goal, sometimes I only get once a week. The notes basically tell them things I admire about them. Maybe they did a good job at something or maybe I noticed a good thing they did and wanted to let them know how I felt about it. I encourage them through the notes. I give them wisdom and guidance. Just little dad to daughter tidbits that they hopefully will enjoy. My goal is that when they are older, whether a teenager or adult, or when I pass away, they will have notes from daddy to bring back memories of the good 'ole days growing up.

    Quite interestingly enough, there is an envelope compartment on the back cover of each journal. I will be using this to put special cards for each girl that has lists something special they can do with me. The possibilities are huge! They can write in the space on the card a certain date that they can do this special activity with me.

    Now, do not misunderstand me, I do not use the journal notes to replace talking one on one with my girls and complimenting them or giving advice. The notes are an added bonus. I think about my girls during the day and wish I could be home to tell them things that are running through my mind at the time. The notes give me a chance to do that so I do not forget.

    The girls are still pretty excited about it. What I do is keep them in a special place so they do not get lost or torn. When I add something to the journals, I will place the bookmark so the tail is hanging out of the book. That way the girls know that I have added something to their journal. When they have read their note, they tuck the bookmark back into the journal. This lets me know they read it. They can look in the special place at any time and read the notes. When I have not added something to the journals, the girls start hinting to me that I have not written any notes in a while.

    Only the two older girls can read at the moment. I will start writing in the other girls' journals even now so that when the time comes when they can read, they can see what Daddy was thinking about them when they were little.

    I am a miserable excuse for a dad. I look back and see so many times I have dropped the ball. But I am working on it. I'm hoping these notes from me to my girls will create a close bond between me and them. I'm trying to do all I can to bring them up God's way.

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