• Our New Addition

    |February 15, 2012

    Well, Harmony Joy arrived safely into the world. Not the way we anticipated, but the alternative method worked out all right.

    I was holding this story until after Harmony arrived. I will try to keep this on the level of young kids because, no doubt, I have young kids reading this.

    Weeks before the due date, we were in a straight whether to go up to the hospital or not. Marchel was having some discomfort late one evening. The feelings were a little deceiving. Do we go, do we not go? We decided might as well check it out.

    So, we found someone to watch the kids. They were already asleep. We got in the van and off we went. Not knowing whether or not delivery was imminent, the accelerator on the van seemed to gradually push farther to the floor. We were no longer "under the law but under grace" as the Bible says. I remember doing some heavy praying for safety. To paint you a picture, because I'm sure you already have some sort of picture flashing in your mind. I wasn't to the point of the stereotypical guy you see on TV that totally panics and acts like a complete weirdo. I was calm.

    I was recollecting too how Pastor Joe made it to Iowa City in record time. I decided I wasn't about to compete with his record! Slow and steady wins the race, right? I won't tell you how fast the van was going. To the van's credit, though, it did ride very smoothly at that rate of speed. No wobbling, no unusually loud sounds. I thought for a moment that maybe I was going into warp speed, but that was just the high pitch sound of the tires on the pavement at that speed.

    Okay, so I may be stretching the content of the story a bit. I work in newspaper, what do you expect? Just kidding. By the time we were approaching Kalona I began thinking to myself, "I wonder if I'll meet a police officer on the way?"

    Sure enough, when we were on the outskirts of Kalona, nestled in a path on the highway with lights off sat an officer. He wasted no time following me. I realized then, "You know what, I probably should have my hazard lights on." Not that that would deter any law enforcement from pulling me over, but they might get the idea. Plus, I've heard it's just good etiquette, right?

    He managed to let me get into town, I'd say a mile anyway. I was slowing down a little at that point. Just before I stopped at the four-way stop he turned on the lights. Even in emergencies (or potential emergencies) I can hardly make myself go through stop signs without stopping.

    I've always wanted to know what it would be like to be pulled over for a justifiable cause. None of our other deliveries were quite like this. This part was all new.

    The officer came to the window. I think he asked if there was a problem or emergency. I told him that we were on the way to the hospital to the labor and delivery. He peeked in the back with his flashlight to see Marchel sitting and leaning forward. He asked if we were going to Iowa City. I said, "yes."

    He asked if we needed any assistance, ambulance, etc. I thought for a brief moment, "Can we get in you car and you drive us there?" I'm sure we could get there even faster if he was driving! I said we would be okay.

    He didn't check license or registration or insurance. He looked about the same age as me. He backed up with a very concerned look on his face. He told me as sincerely as he could, "Just be careful, remember, you're carrying an extra passenger with you." He went back to his car and turned around.

    I have the greatest respect for law enforcement officers. This one was no different. He was genuinely concerned about our safety. That's the type of guy I want around in an emergency.

    We got to the hospital. We did NOT have Harmony that night. It turned out to be a different issue. I did get to experience first hand what it feels like to be pulled over while rushing to the hospital.

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