• Game System Resurrection

    |April 8, 2016

    So I was sitting in the living room one evening with the kids thinking back to the good old days in highschool, playing Hang Time and Street Fighter on my Super Nintendo gaming system. Yes, I am dating myself.

    I could go back further than that to the old Atari 2600, but let's not go there.

    The Super Nintendo had been sitting in the garage along with some games for many years - close to 14 years. A while ago I tried to hook it up, but it wouldn't work at all. Frustrated at that time that I couldn't get it to work, I banished it to the garage, never to be seen again!

    The thought again flashed into my mind, "I wonder if I could really get it to work somehow."

    I quickly went out to the garage and started digging for it. There it was, laid to rest in a dusty box. It was covered in dust and mold surrounded by dried and curled up spiders and various hard-shelled bugs. First reaction of course was to blow the dust off. It looked very hopeless in regaining any life from the game system, but I had the urge to try.

    I brought it inside and pulled out all the cords. I noticed, much to my dismay, that I had tried to fix it before and that I had cut the wire that leads to the TV monitor. Should I go down this road or not? Should I just throw it in the trash and weep and finally let go?

    Usually when I try to fix things I end up taking whatever it is all apart, really can't find anything wrong and then attempt to put it all back together. Yes, I do have leftover parts on occasion that I have no clue where they go.

    I did not take the system apart this time but focused on the wiring. I searched on YouTube trying to find anyone who has had this same problem as me. I must have been the only one. I scrolled through video after video but it appeared that mine was a unique problem, which is usually the case with me.

    I tried in vain at a few good suggestions on some of the videos. Nothing worked. I spent about an hour looking.

    I was about to throw in the towel. I put my computer aside and just sat in the chair and relaxed. Then all of a sudden I had a revelation. Out of the blue an idea came rushing in. I found an audio cable I had lying around and quickly began cutting part of the wire to the plug. I was going to splice the system wire and this audio cable together.

    I was so excited at the thought it just might actually work! I plugged in the Super Nintendo, pushed in the game cartridge, and waited in anticipation as my finger slowly turned the power switch on. Half of me wanted to close my eyes and not look, the other part was mildly confident.

    A huge smile swept across my face of sweet victory and accomplishment as I heard that annoying sound of Super Mario Brothers playing through the speakers and I saw Mario running again on the screen. It was truly an awesome experience.

    And you are thinking was it really worth it? I mean ... that game system is so old! Oh, it is the sentimental experience. Yes, the games are somewhat cheesy, but hey, it's what I remember from my years of growing up.

    My kids are enjoying the experience. Better than buying an expensive new gaming system! Now they will have the annoying sound of Super Mario Brothers going through their heads.

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