• A Day Off

    |August 27, 2012

    Whenever I get a day off from work, usually it is way overdue, never long enough and I do not get to accomplish everything I would like. I am sure everyone feels this way on their vacation days.

    For me, a vacation day is celebrated as a national holiday in the eyes of my girls. It is a chance for them to twist Daddy into all kinds of ways and get him to go into all kinds of directions. Basically, the girls set the agenda for us when I have a day off. I wait to tell them when I have a day off as long as I can just to see the excitement on their faces.

    Some of the scheduled activities are always the same, some are different. They range from playing computer games, to wrestling, to the ever-popular taking a walk to go to the park.

    One of the things I like to do is make breakfast for everyone. A big breakfast like eggs (omelets, scrambled, over-easy), hashbrowns, bacon or sausage, toast, coffee, etc. After this, we usually take a walk to the park and play for a while. After that ... who knows.

    This most recent day off, we started off with a trip to the dentist for the wife. Trying to kill two birds with one stone, I decided we all should go with Marchel. I could take the kids to the park while she was at the dentist. It worked out okay. However, I believe this was the first time I was on my own with all five girls for an outing to the park. How Marchel does what she does everyday with them I still am not quite sure, but I praise her for it.

    Well, after about thirty minutes, Harmony needed a diaper change, actually it was past time for a change. It wasn't the worst kind of diaper change, hallelujah - if you know what I mean. I've changed a few diapers in my time of being a father, however, I am not an expert in the field, yet. Diaper changed and Harmony was good to go, more or less.

    Meanwhile, I was keeping my third eye on my other four kids playing in the park. With society the way it is, as a parent, you have to be cautious and aware of where your children are - at all times - when they are that small.

    The kids collected valuable and precious stones while at the park (actually gravel that was a part of the park landscape). They have wonderful imaginations. Each of them had their corner of rock collecting.

    Momma wasn't quite finished with the dentist so we went to the gas station and got two different flavors of slushies to share with each other.

    After this adventure, we went home.

    Later on in the afternoon, I asked the girls if they wanted to sleep in the tent that night. Of course the overwhelming majority was a firm YES. I tried to keep this hidden from them as long as I could so that I could get enjoyment myself by surprising them. See, they did not know I had arranged before hand to get a tent to use. This would be the first time for Tiffany and Harmony. We prepared by getting blankets from the house. Stevanie helped to pitch the tent. The other girls were eager to get into the tent and play in it, which I said at this time was forbidden.

    I prepared a place for a campfire in the backyard next to the tent. I set up a make-shift grill and we cooked hot dogs and chicken.

    We gathered around the fire for devotions as we are accustomed to do every night. I related a story about a spider to the kids with a spiritual application. My intention was not to give them nightmares ... you know, the campfire tales you always hear. Afterwards, I thought that was probably not the most fitting story I could tell a group of girls who are frightened of spiders anyway. After devotions we all climbed into bed. Yes, all seven of us camped out that night. Wild and free-spirited Melanie just has a hard time settling down. Stevanie with the flashlight couldn't keep it out of everybody's eyes. Bethany kept spurring Melanie on so she couldn't calm down. Tiffany just went with the flow. Harmony was not satisfied until she was fed before going to sleep.Took a little while to get everyone calmed down from the excitement, but pretty soon it was quiet with everyone asleep.

    In the morning, for the ones who were awake and ready to start the day, I started the fire up again and I cooked some scrambled eggs over the fire. Alas, it was time to let the fire cool down and move on with the day.

    Wondering what the girls will have planned the next time I get a day off from work.

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