• It had been a long time since I first designed the Up or Down Game for the bus route. It had gotten so beat up over the years on the bus that I was ashamed to keep playing it. The game was missing some pieces too ...

  • So I was sitting in the living room one evening with the kids thinking back to the good old days in highschool, playing Hang Time and Super Street Fighter on my Super Nintendo gaming system. Yes, I am dating myself ...

  • Oct 201319

    Labor Day 2013

    Labor Day is an automatic day off for me from work. As you have read in past posts, a day off is a special time for the family. We do many fun and special things when Daddy is home ...

  • Nov 201208

    Notes From Daddy

    My daughters like to write notes. I would venture to say that there is not one room in the house where there is not a note of some sort. The notes range from sticky notes to full size paper notes folded several times. Some notes have stickers while others have drawings. I like their notes, especially the ones that say, I love you, Daddy! ...

  • Aug 201227

    A Day Off

    Whenever I get a day off from work, usually it is way overdue, never long enough and I do not get to accomplish everything I would like. I am sure everyone feels this way on their vacation days ...

  • The Green Van

    24 April 2012

    Of course, God knew our situation. I was fully trusting in Him to somehow, someway provide for the need ...

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  • The White Car

    02 March 2012

    In spite of its shortcomings ... no radiator fan and it wobbled when coming to a stop, it performed very well ...

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  • Our New Addition

    15 February 2012

    I realized then, "You know what, I probably should have my hazard lights on."

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